Life Coaching Services

Specializing in life transitions, grief, mindfulness, and embodiment.

Transitional coaching

Life throws us intense curve balls at times where we have no choice but to adapt and learn a new way of being. It may leave us feeling shocked or vulnerable, lost or unsure how to cope. Transitional coaching is for those who have survived a major life event that has challenged their sense of identity, purpose and direction. For those who have a desire to take a good honest look at themselves (who am I becoming?), identify and challenge limiting beliefs, and move forward with clarity, purpose and peace of mind. Examples of surviving a major event include a life saving surgery, illness recovery, or change in life role ( widows, divorcees, step parents).

Grief coaching and facilitation

Regardless whether a loved one’s death is sudden or anticipated, nothing prepares us for their absence. After a loss it is common to feel shocked, lost, confused, suspended, numb or in denial. There are many questions about how to move forward without our special someone. How will I pay the bills? What support will I need to help me with day to day living? Who am I now they aren’t here? There may be other concerns such childcare, personal health or lack of emotional support.

There are 3 components to bereavement coaching: First, to acknowledge and come to terms surrounding your loss. Second, to explore how you are personally impacted by the loss and ways to bring further support into your stage of transition. Third, begin to see a way forward and set gentle & obtainable goals to navigate the shift towards your “new normal”.

Grief coaching is offered either in an online group session or one to one.

Grief coaching is not for everyone and for that reason I conduct a pre screening intake to see if coaching is a good fit for you. I do not address mental health issues as I am not trained nor certified to do so. Should there be any mental health concerns such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, etc. I will redirect you to seek out a certified counselor or psychologist in lieu of coaching.

Mindfulness Coaching and Facilitation

We live in fast paced and stressful times that not only drain us of vitality but leave us with very little time to commit to our own self care. Mindfulness and meditation are but 2 ways to navigate and calm your internal environment from constant day to day toxic stress. Mindfulness coaching is for those seeking ways to instill peace of mind, manage stress levels, see the world through a heightened state of awareness, increased focus, concentration & energy levels.

Mindfulness coaching is offered either one to one or online group sessions.

Embodiment Coaching

Over the years old habitual thought patterns and beliefs get stuck in our physical bodies. They become so engrained within our being we don’t even question them anymore. How do we shake them loose and release them from our being? How do we replace them with healthier perceptions to motivate us forward in life? Conscious movement combined with neuro linguistic programming and solution focused coaching takes our thoughts & beliefs and transforms them into something more tangible to work with. Through this process we align physical movement with our thought systems and move through stagnant energies to induce an inspired & empowered mindset.

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As a professional coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) I adhere to the Code of Ethics found here:

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