Dance Awake Lethbridge

A conscious dance community

Conscious dance is dynamic and fun environment where we let go, shake things out and explore our authentic way of being. An outlet where one can safely and freely explore their inner world and work towards personal growth and development.

Dancing brings us into a flow state where we become present in the moment. We become intentionally curious: How is my body moving? What parts of me want to move?

Flowing and moving our bodies as they want to move.

Thoughts and emotions bubble up being freed from the physical to be processed by the mental, emotional and intuitive/spiritual states.

What am I feeling right now? What thoughts arise from it? We practice non judgment and non clinging awareness. We focus on our breath. Becoming aware, accepting our present state compassionately and allow it to move through us. Meeting these thoughts/emotions as we would a young child, we allow its energy to be met compassionately, be heard and met, dissolve and move on.

We give our beings kind attention.

Loving awareness.

Some people dance in a spot in the corner.

Others move around the whole room.

Some dance on their own. Others dance together.

Some people make slow small movements.

Others dance fast big and expressive ones.

For some it’s a good sweat. Wiggling hips and playful spines.

Bodies speaking in the universal language of movement.

A full spectrum of emotion expressed and moved on the dance floor.

We watch our breath. Repeatedly come back to feeling our body.

We allow our thinking to drop into the body as a movement.

Maybe today it’s a dance of grief. Maybe a dance of celebration.

Moving with our stories and dreams.

We pray.

We find creative expression.

Solve problems.

Get unstuck.

Discover things about ourselves.

It is all welcome in the conscious dance space.

-Brian Bergman,

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