Empowered transitions from survivor to thriver

Life, Interrupted

Let’s face it: every now and then life throws a massive curve ball at us that leaves us feeling shocked or vulnerable, lost or unsure how to cope. Something fundamentally has changed in our life that is forcing us to seek out better ways of being. For our own health’s sake! Deep down inside we know what doesn’t work for us anymore. We have a sense of who we want to be and what goals want to achieve. No longer wanting those old repeated patterns of self sabotage getting in the way. We want to become un-stuck as we realize this:

We are ready to change when the pain of staying the same is GREATER than the pain of change.

You may recall the familiar terrain of going down that one bumpy road – over and over again – hoping for a different result each time. Knowing the result never changes and consistently leads to disappointment (and secretly leaving us wondering why we make that choice over and over again!)

So. What if…you were to walk down a completely different road instead? One that leads you away from frustrations and moves you towards the life you dream of?

Hello! I am Paula Smith, founder of Thrivers Unite and agent of transformative change. I assist and guide people as they navigate new pathways towards success in life. As a certified professional life coach with over 300 hours of training and coaching, I have plenty of experience and tools in the coaching tool box to help you create the life you often think about having. You know, the one you day dream about!

My mission is to inspire and empower people to shift from a victim/survivor mindset – to a healthy, thriving mindset. To fluorish in accomplishments and healthy ways of being.

Okay…. so what is a thriver?

A thriver has overcome great obstacles in their life and made a 180 degree turn from victim to survivor to thriver. They have survived some sort of trauma, have a desire to become self empowered and make positive choices for themselves. Where they at one time felt like a victim of circumstance, they have taken a deep look within, moved through their challenges and shifted towards a better version of themselves. They have developed healthy habits with their mindset and how they think, feel and act. They know that their inner environment influences their outer environment in a deep and profound way. They have become an agent of change for their highest good, often paving the path to be of service to others.

As a widow and kidney transplant recipient I have learned from my own journey transitioning from victim to survivor to thriver:


  • are extremely grateful for life and the gifts that life brings forth. They don’t take anything for granted
  • are resilient, know that change is inevitable and have the resources within to make necessary changes
  • want what’s best for themselves and others. They have positive intentions to fluorish
  • having survived a trauma, tend to live from a more empowered place. They have done a lot of deep inner work and have healed their “broken bits” in their life-stories
  • know the importance of self care and setting boundaries. They know they cannot care for others with an empty cup.
  • live in the present moment. They consciously choose not to wallow in the past or worry about the future. They know how to surrender to the flow of life and TRUST.
  • live with an open heart. They are caring and compassionate.
  • are non judgmental and understanding. They know that all humans suffer and make mistakes. That’s a part of being human. And it’s ok to try something and not have it work out.
  • live their lives from a place of deep authenticity.
  • are community focused. They believe in being of service to others “for the greatest good of all”.

Here is my commitment to you:

  • I will walk beside you as you navigate through your personal waters of change.
  • I will hold a safe and compassionate space for you where you are free to explore your infinite potentials.
  • I will ask you powerful questions to get you thinking deeper below the surface.
  • I will assist you in developing a strategic plan.
  • I will hold you accountable for completing bite size steps towards meeting your goals.
  • I wilI empower you to shift, learn and grow into the thriving person you so desire to become.
  • I will gently but firmly challenge your beliefs, thoughts and self sabotaging patterns where necessary.
  • I will never judge, criticize nor condemn you. Rather, I will listen intently with curiosity and encourage you to look deeper, to discover the truth of who you are.

Ready to start thriving? Let’s have a chat!

An open and honest, no obligation chat, that is! My FREE gift to you: a 60 minute discovery session

Discovery sessions allows you to ask any questions you may have and develop a deeper feel for what coaching is all about. You will not be bombarded with fluff or cheesy sales tactics. Just a real and authentic conversation where you can safely explore goals you’re wanting to achieve.

To book an appointment, contact Paula at thriversunitecoach@gmail.com or by Phone 1-403-634-1940 (Mountain Standard Time Zone)

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