What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a creative partnership between a coach and coachee. As a coach I walk along side of you in facilitating powerful conversations. You are guided to design and implement specific, meaningful changes into your personal and/or  professional life. We closely examine and debunk self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. This process moves you toward deep insights and your desired future outcome.

You are a holistic being – you are whole unto yourself and are already have many inner resources to tap into! You have positive intent and want to do the right things to drive your evolution forward. You do the best you can in any given situation, and are capable of implementing positive change into your life.

I will assist you to tap into your inner resources and skills to create a meaningful future.

Coaching is an advice free zone – I use a solution-focused coaching technique combined with neuro linguistic programming and mindfulness to assist you on your journey. These techniques will inspire you to shift and transform attitude, behaviors and habits which lead to specific, tangible steps toward meaningful transformation.

What life coaching is NOT:

Counseling – Unlike counselors and therapists I do not focus on childhood nor past experiences that affects the way a person lives or feels. I do not diagnose nor treat mental illness such as depression, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Instead, I focus on the present moment and your future intent.

Consulting – Consultants diagnose the needs of others and offer their own solutions, which they often implement on behalf of the client. As a coach I help you generate your own solutions and hold you accountable for follow through.

Sports coach – I do not coach sports teams on how to play the game 🙂

Coaching is not a con, a scam nor a ponzi scheme. Rather, it is a safe space where a coach facilitates powerful and meaningful conversations to empower you on your journey.

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